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dnadrops.store is a US Based Distributor for #APLGO Products. For Parent site click here

APLGO Review, is APLgo legit or a scam?

APLGO Review: Intro

APLGO is a new company with a variety of health and wellness items. In this review, we’ll look at the company and its products in further detail, analyzing its claims and assessing its efficacy to see whether it’s a good option for those who want to enhance their health and wellness. Moreover, we will go into the history of the company and its dedication to providing organic and all-natural remedies for everyday health issues. The healthcare industry could need a revolution, and aplgo.com claims it can provide one. Does the quality of their products really justify the buzz?

What does APLGO stand for?

The APLGO revolutionary technique protects and revitalizes the therapeutic properties of natural components, facilitating cellular absorption. One of the things they are especially delighted with is the Acumullit SA, which is equipped with power accumulation technology.

APLGO is a Multi-level Marketing (MLM) organization based in Russia. The bulk of aplgo’s business and product research is focused on the Health & Wellness sector. In 2017, aplgo.com was the Ageo Product Line’s online store when it was still operational. According to APLgo.com, the corporation’s US branch is based in the state of Florida.

APL GO Pioneers

The man behind the establishment of APLGO, Sergey Kulikov, is a well-known personality in the commercial and network marketing worlds. In addition to his successes as an analyst, he is the creator of a number of successful companies and educational platforms. He still serves as the president of APLGO.

Sergey is said to have made his first one million dollars while he was just 21 years old. He developed an online teaching platform that APLGO has used since 2014 to monitor and regulate Associate productivity and effectiveness.

Is APLGO a Pyramid Scheme?

Is APLgo, therefore, a Ponzi scheme? When a company’s primary source of revenue isn’t only recruiting new members, we can’t call it a pyramid scheme, as APLGO sells genuine products.

APLGO uses an MLM business structure. However, the line between MLM and pyramid schemes is notoriously thin.

What are Ponzi schemes?

Ponzi schemes are illegal, so keep that in mind.

If a company is found to be running a Ponzi scheme, the owners will face legal action, and the firm will be shut down permanently.

The term “Ponzi scheme” comes from the upward movement of funds inside the program. Consequently, only a tiny fraction of the population would ever become wealthy. The actual money is made by those lower down the pyramid.

The worst part about Ponzi schemes is the way they misrepresent their success rates and promise easy money for everyone. Encouraging the false belief that making a sale to a member of your own family constitutes “helping out” preys on the hopeless and helpless. Making them healthier, giving them more money, making them thinner, etc. are all examples of “helping” someone.

Make sure the company is successful before you commit to working for them.

To be clear, APLGO will not be considered a pyramid scheme so long as it maintains the ability to sell products in addition to focusing on recruiting. Unless the only way to earn income with APLGO is to recruit others, then it might be seen as a Ponzi scheme.

How Does APLGO Work?


The APLGO hybrid binary has two legs initially and may be extended to nine. Depending on one’s status, one may have access to more legs.

Affiliates get a commission based on the total number of sales made on their “pay legs,” also known as the “power leg.” Every leg save the highest volume one is considered a pay leg.

The concept of PV is the following concept to learn. The term “Personal Volume,” or PV, is used to describe the amount of business accomplished via orders placed by individual consumers. The catch is that only half of an order volume from a retail client is credited against your PV by APLGO.

In the same way that affiliate purchases count toward PV in any multi-level marketing business, so do your own purchases if you require more PV in a given month. But I have my doubts about whether or not that can be maintained.

Last but not least, the phrase “group volume,” abbreviated GV, is often used during intensive recruiting efforts. Affiliates and their teams contribute to the GV by generating point volume. Thus, it stands to reason that an upline would feel pressured to push their downlines to make more sales and most likely recruit more.

What Products Does APLGO Offer?

APLGO’s flagship product line remains its “Acumullit SA” drops.

APLGO claims to use a cutting-edge extraction process that speeds up the activation of the medicinal compounds, isolating nano-particles of the bioactive compound without other compounds in the plant, thereby preserving and enhancing the “medicinal benefits of the botanical food ingredients.”

Fruits, herbs, and seeds may have their cellular membranes damaged during the extraction process. Following this, the bioavailable botanical components are released. These include bioflavonoids, phytonutrients, and organic acids. These nano-sized, negatively charged materials are formed from the separated particles, activating a nutrient-rich blend that may be readily absorbed by the body.

Lozenge drops are created by mixing a caramel mass with an active mixture of preserved and improved whole-food plant extracts.

The benefits and features of some of APLgo.com’s products are outlined below.

  • ALT (ALTERNATE) – promotes healthy breathing and immune system growth
  • BRN (BRAINY) – promotes brain health and mental acuity
  • BTY (BEAUTY) is an anti-aging product.
  • GRW (GROW) is an acronym that stands for “growth hormone,” and it assists in maintaining the body’s natural alertness and an active immune system.
  • GTS (GET STRENGTH) – supply energy to the body
  • Multi-Spectrum (MLS) Support for Digestive Health
  • NRM (NORMAL) – aids in keeping blood glucose levels steady.
  • PWR LEMON (POWER LEMON) is a lemonade enhanced with nutrients that support a man’s athletic lifestyle.
  • PWR APRICOT (POWER APRICOT) – contains nutrients to boost a woman’s physique.
  • RLX (RELAX) helps induce relaxation and mental serenity.
  • SLD (SLIDE) – nourishment for lubricating and dispersing joint
  • STP(STOP) aids the body’s natural recovery process (cells)
  • HRT (HEART) – helps support and maintain the heart and circulation system.
  • ICE (ICE) – For immune system support and digestive regulation.
  • HPR (HEPAR) – advantages in detoxifying the body


Is APLGO profitable?


Typical binary compensation is used by APLGO. As a result, one affiliate member will now be in charge of a squad divided into two equal halves. This is what “left and right” refers to in the MLM industry.

Now, to shed some light. There are two open spots on the first level of a binary team. These initial two roles are then subdivided into a pair to form the second tier of the binary team. As a result, we’ll have room for four more people.

A binary team may expand as needed by forming additional levels, with each additional level having twice as many openings as the previous one. We fill open positions on the binary team via both informal and formal channels of recruiting. MLMs leverage the fact that earnings have no upper limit to entice new members into their folds, especially as there is no restriction on how broad a binary team may develop.

However, market saturation is a major enemy of every multi-level marketing company. As for the second, the pool of potential recruits is not as bottomless as you may have been led to believe. It’s challenging enough to persuade loved ones to join your multi-level marketing business as distributors, let alone strangers. Lots of folks have had it with being pitched yet another multi-level marketing company’s “business opportunity” or items.

The hybrid binary used by APLGO has two legs initially and may be extended to nine. Depending on one’s status, one may have access to more legs. Therefore, the “power leg” is the leg with the largest volume, and affiliates get a percentage of sales volume produced on each of their “pay legs” (every leg excluding the leg with the most volume).

Benefits of APLGO

  • The company’s website is straightforward, and so is its method.
  • The company is led by a talented and experienced group of executives.
  • Products and services offered by the company are presented attractively and comprehensively on the website.
  • Products are priced at retail for regular consumers and at wholesale for affiliates.
  • The company’s magazine, APL Planet, is another avenue for advertising.
  • There is significant variation in the website’s multi-level compensation model.
  • The company’s body and beauty products are high-quality and effective.


Downsides of APLGO

  • The MLM pay plan slides emphasize member recruitment above client acquisition and referrals.
  • They exclusively provide two categories of goods: health and beauty.
  • Members are discouraged from promoting the business offer themselves online.



APLgo seems to be a terrific opportunity, and they promoted it as such. They claim that you can make as much as you would at a full-time job, if not more. That is if you put in the time and effort and abide by their rules.

Though fundamentally similar to other MLMs in the wellness industry. There is a great deal of competition, and the services they provide are all essentially the same.

If APLgo is something that works for you, by all means, go for it!