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dnadrops.store is a US Based Distributor for #APLGO Products. For Parent site click here



In terms of clothing and nutrition, anybody can start running simply by lacing up a pair of shoes and getting out the door. Running without any kind of supplemental aid is far more difficult.

5 Stars Nutrition provides supplements and meal plans to help customers meet their health goals, which may include reducing their body fat percentage. It offers discounts and deals to encourage the purchase of these items, but what good are vitamins and muscle-building supplements if you don’t use them?

5-Star nutrition believes that everyone has the potential to improve their health and happiness with the assistance of our expert coaches and premium nutritional supplements.

Their wide selection of high-quality supplements may help with anything from weight management to muscle gain, recovery after exercise, and nutritional gaps. 5-Star nutrition consists of:


  • Building Muscle with Protein
  • Weight Control
  • Supplements & Wellness
  • Pre-Workout\sRecovery\sStacks
  • Replacement Meals

 Wearables & Accessory

  • Shakers Long Sleeve Tank with Short Sleeves

Top Sports Supplements From 5 Star Nutrition For Runners

  1. Creatine

Creatine is often used by sportsmen to enhance their performance in both speed and strength. Combined with the correct exercise, several studies have demonstrated that it increases the quantity of creatine phosphate in muscles, one of the key energy sources for the development of peak power.

There are two potential benefits of creatine for distance runners. When training, athletes focus first on improving their speed and strength. So doing this boosts their productivity as well.

Creatine is also utilized to improve performance during interval training, which is a crucial part of every long-distance runner’s routine.

Minerals & Multivitamins

It is typically advised to take vitamin and mineral complexes to give the body the required amount of nutrients. Although they are available without a prescription, you should exercise caution when taking them because an excess of one or more vitamins or minerals can have harmful effects on your body. Additionally, avoid consuming complexes containing more than 200 percent of the total RDA  for just any given vitamin.

How do multivitamins work?

These are actually extracts from actual meals and/or vitamins and minerals, not just a collection of separate substances that our body misinterprets as alien chemicals.

No exercise in the world can make up for the deficiencies in your nutrition; multivitamins are meant to accomplish just that. Additionally, multivitamin complexes include calcium, magnesium, and Vitamin D, which are essential for the body to properly recuperate after exercise. Last but not least, multivitamins enhance lung and heart health, all of which are necessary for athletics.

Supplemental multivitamins:

Whey protein is an excellent source of amino acids, protein fractions, and total protein. Runners may get enough protein from their regular meals, but some still choose to take a supplement. While protein shakes mixed with milk or water are the most common way to eat extra protein, they may be added to other foods, such as oatmeal, to increase their nutritional value.

Consuming protein immediately after exercise is optimal since that’s when your muscles need it most for repair and growth.

Service standards at 5 Star Nutrition go above and beyond what is required on the job. They want to help individuals from all walks of life. Thus they only stock the highest quality, most thoroughly inspected, and most efficient goods on the market.

Upon receipt, each ingredient is rigorously tested at their cGMP-certified production facilities to confirm its identification, purity, strength, and composition. Thus, the production uses high-quality ingredients. Additionally, 5 Star Nutrition mandates testing on every batch produced to ensure that the recipe satisfies the product’s specifications, label claims, and standards for heavy metal ions and microbiological contamination.

Alternative to 5-Star nutrition

Another popular nutritional supplement that isn’t 5 Star Nutrition is APLGO.

The Accumullit SA technology used in APLGO’s products is what makes it possible to maintain and even improve the nutritional value of whole foods. Cutting-edge extraction techniques are used to activate the botanical compounds obtained from whole foods, resulting in the separation of nanoparticles of the active molecules from other parts of the plant.

APLGO transforms natural vegetables and fruits in their complete state into dietary supplements. Botanical components such as micro and macronutrients, phytonutrients, bioflavonoids, and organic acids are able to be extracted from fruits, herbs, and seeds thanks to the thin molecular membranes that cover these plant parts. Better still would be if they had higher bioavailability.

Particles are being separated, which results in the generation of negatively charged nanoelements. This separation results in the production of an active combination of highly absorbable nutrients. After that, it condenses into a lozenge drop that incorporates an active blend of whole-food plant extracts that have been preserved and augmented.

While all of the products use the same Accumulit SA technology, they offer various health advantages.

  • ALT (ALTERNATE) – supports healthy breathing and strengthens the immune system.
  • BRN (BRAINY): Supports cognitive function.
  • BTY (BEAUTY): is an anti-aging product.
  • GRW (GROW): this is an APLGO product that keeps the body’s natural immune system active and vigilant.
  • GET STRENGTH (GTS): this aids with energy.
  • MLS (MULTI-SPECTRUM): aids the gastrointestinal system.
  • NRM (NORMAL): maintains blood sugar levels.
  • PWR LEMON: often known as “POWER Lemon, supports a man’s active way of life.
  • PWR APRICOT (POWER APRICOT): supports a woman’s body.
  • RLX (RELAX): encourages rest and mental clarity.
  • SLIDE (SLLD): supports joints
  • STP (STOP): supports the body’s natural healing process.
  • HRT (HEART): This supports and maintains the pulse and circulatory system.
  • ICE (ICE): controls digestion and supports the immune system.

The beneficial characteristics of the natural components of APLGO are preserved and revitalized by the ground-breaking technology Acumullit SA (Advanced Accumulation Technology), which makes cellular absorption easier.

Each drop of Acumullit SA acts like a tiny torpedo, penetrating cell membranes and delivering a slew of essential nutrients and minerals. APLGO gives your body a robust cell that keeps all the good qualities of the food’s botanical components intact and amplifies them. Get the best out of your body by supplementing your foods with quality natural products from APLGO.